Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing

Six Sigma is a byword for zero defects and is based on the use of statistical tools for developing projects and monitoring improvements.

This philosophy enables a company to gain valuable advantages: 

  • reduction in costs;
  • reduction in lead time;
  • elimination of phases with no value added;
  • reduction in process variability;
  • creation of organisational learning.

UmbraGroup’s strategic choice

"In a company of worldwide standing such as the UmbraGroup which has a complex production process, Continuous Improvement plays a fundamental role in allowing the Group to maintain its competitive edge in the markets in which it operates" (Valter Baldaccini, Founding Father of UmbraGroup).

Phases of a project

Continuous Improvement projects are implemented by Green Belt. Each project has its own Sponsor. Top Management and the Champion perform a strategic guidance and integration function for the various projects.


Order and Cleanliness create efficiency

The purpose of implementing the 5S methodology in Umbra is to organise workstations so that times searching for material to be used on the job are eliminated.  The aim is to adopt a systematic and repeatable method to optimise work standards and hence improve operating  performance.


Lean management and people

The competitive edge of UmbraGroup, but also of the whole Group, lies with people.  To keep people’s motivation high we work on two levels: attachment to the job, and hence  a passion for what the job involves, and responsibility. We have found fundamental tools in the Lean methodology that engage those who work with  us.