Umbralink projects

The activities which support the local and international community

Doing business also means paying attention to the local territory and society in general: this is the sense of social responsibility that UMBRAGROUP has made its own, through the parent company UMBRA Cuscinetti. The company has been engaged for years in activities which support the local and international community, playing a key role in raising public awareness and increasing the sense of cultural, social and environmental responsibility. A Social Responsibility Committee is responsible for the screening, evaluation and selection of projects that result in real help, supported by periodic checks on their progress.

The logo identifies company’s social responsibility activities

The company has developed a logo to identify ad hoc social responsibility activities that the UMBRAGROUP spa strives to accomplish. UmbraLink is the name written on the logo, to affirm and emphasize the importance of the act together, bind to a project, join the UMBRA to people looking for help, in order to arrive at a concrete result. The logo shows two hands that touch each other to communicate that anyone who has chosen to donate can do this by contacting UMBRAGROUP and reaching out to those who need support.

How to participate in projects?

If you are interested to participate in projects or receive more information, you can do it by the Valter Baldaccini Foundation, just sending an e-mail to or by visiting the web site 

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