Corporate social responsibility

A way to achieve a new global equilibrium

For the UMBRAGROUP, social involvement represents a way to achieve a new global equilibrium and presumes personal commitments both in terms of time and financial assistance. It is a conscious choice that each of us can make every day in order to build a better future: we are all involved because we are all citizens of the same world.

Support by adopting objective criteria

It is through the parent company, UMBRAGROUP spa, based in Foligno (Italy), that the Group carefully evaluates the projects that the company intends to support by adopting objective criteria and without losing sight of the values that inspire the companies of the Group.

Our Philosophy

UMBRA believes that social involvement is based on three assumptions:

  • it requires ACTION through projects that can provide tangible help;
  • it must be a conscious choice, supported by periodic assessments of the progress of the projects and the sharing of information;
  • it requires a personal commitment that implies assuming ownership of the project.

How can we help?

UMBRA supports by making careful evaluation of each project before allocating its funds, mainly in the following three ways:

  • assess the soundness and validity of the project;
  • give consideration to the social structures and specific conditions of the beneficiaries;
  • partner with organisations already operating in the area.

In this perspective did the collaboration with La Gomera NGO, a point of reference for many of the projects funded by UMBRAGROUP. 


In 2015 the Valter Baldaccini Foundation was established in honor of UMBRAGROUP's founding father.

The head office in Foligno is among the founding members, and through the work of the Foundation, continues to carry out important projects in the social-educational field and to conduct research at the national and international level.



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