Umbra Cuscinetti Inc.

Umbra Cuscinetti Inc. was founded in 1979 with the name of Northwest Gears.

In 1999, Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A. purchased Northwest Gears which took the name of  Umbra Cuscinetti Inc. in acknowledgement of the appeal of the Umbra brand.

UmbraGroup leads the field in the design and production of aerospace and industrial screws, application to balls, bearings and other precision-movement products.

Being part of the Umbra Group has provided Umbra Cuscinetti Inc. with exposure to the worldwide aerospace market and the ability to be involved in advanced research projects.

Our position, close to the Boeing company in Everett, has enabled us to develop a strong partnership with Boeing and be at the centre of activities connected with the aeronautics world.

The new market areas are in line with the current product portfolio which includes advanced movement control and energy production.

Our major focus on continuous improvement has been a fundamental element in optimising processes and reducing inefficient operations.