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Umbra participates in the award ceremony for three-year degree graduates in Economics

Today, in the Ateneo Auditorium, the Economic’s Department at the University of Perugia held a celebration to award three-year diplomas to graduating students.

At this significant time in their lives, Beatrice Baldaccini, Director of Human Resources & Communication for UmbraGroup and President of the Valter Baldaccini Foundation, provided the new graduates with an important message of hope for the future.

“I am 36 years old, and together with my brothers, I am leading an organization, Umbragroup, which is a small, multinational company with about 1000 employees worldwide. We are a leader in the civil aviation field for high-tech solutions that control flight systems. What have I learned up to this point in my life?

Three important things:

First: life is unpredictable.  We are under the delusion that we have everything under control, but that is not really true. Therefore, it is important to have have a set of values to believe in, so that in the important and decisive moments of you life, you will have clear principles to guide you;

Second: rely on the help of others and proactively ask for help. Great achievements can never be reached by ourselves alone;

Third: to nurture and believe in a dream. Be the creator of you destiny. Do not be fooled by the disillusioned, by those who think that they know everything, by those who believe they have nothing more to learn, or by those who propose obvious and often negative solutions to various life situations. Do not be content. It is your life, do not let someone else write it.

Be ready to make mistakes, to give yourself the gift of being able to learn from your mistakes: the important thing is to have the courage and strength to start over again.

Be prepared to disappoint your family, and sometimes even yourself: reality is not always what we imagine it to be.

I do not want my words to be a recipe for you, but a sharing of some reflections that I have been accumulating along the path of life.

If you’ve heard something useful in my words, you are free to make them your own.

I congratulate you, I give you my heartfelt wishes on this happy day and, to quote a famous phrase from the activist and American First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their own dreams”