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The industrial world joins the academic world

Umbra Cuscinetti SpA, a company that produces recirculating ballscrews, electromechanical actuators and bearings for the aeronautical and industrial sectors, has acquired the majority of SERMS SRL, a company based in Terni that was born as a spin-off of the University of Perugia. Today SERMS SRL is active in both national and international markets, providing a wide range of services for environmental testing and mechanical design for aerospace, automotive, naval and industrial applications

Antonio Baldaccini, the CEO OF Umbra Cuscinetti SpA has confirmed that:

“The acquisition of SERMS SRL is considered to be strategic in the segment where it operates. It encompasses the right mix of cultural exchange between the academic and industrial world. It will help to expand the services offered and establish important partnerships with leading national and international companies such as Ansaldo, Boeing, Thales, Alenia, Selex, Alstom, NASA.”

This operation, as announced by Antonello Marcucci, President of Umbra Cuscinetti SpA, is part of the strategic guidelines for M&A oriented toward small, excellent organizations, whose technologies can be integrated into UmbraGroup making them even more distinctive.

SERMS SRL, as confirmed by President Lucia Di Masso, believes that the operation will result in a synergy of skills that will enable both organizations to strengthen themselves in a market sector such as aerospace by putting resources and energy into training and in identifying more strategically important personnel for truly competitive growth.

Umbra is certain that in this industrial revolution, or “Industry 4.0,” human capital will make the difference. As Mr. Baldaccini explains: “The contribution of the person is fundamental and continues to be the beating heart of our working reality.  Expanding and increasing human relationships is the launch pad for growing revenues and developing the entire territory in which the company operates. On our own, - the CEO concluded - we will not be able to get very far. Together, we will become stronger, larger and be in a better position to overcome future challenges.”