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Closing Dinner

The enthusiasm of 1500 people closed two days of celebration that included both Umbra’s Partners and UmbraGroup employees.

During the closing dinner, Antonio Baldaccini, UmbraGroup CEO thanked everyone, saying: “Thank you to our many guests for participating in the beautiful event: the 45th birthday of UmbraGroup. I would like to thank all of our customers for their renewed confidence each year, our shareholders, who have invested in the future of UmbraGroup, our Partners, whose support enables us to produce high technology products, all of our employees and their families who invest their valuable time in developing our Group every day, and also, thank you to all our friends who are sharing these beautiful moments together with us.

Best Wishes UmbraGorup!”


There was thunderous applause after the launch of the video that tells the 45 year-long story of UmbraGroup better than any words.