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The second edition of International Business Week

Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A. met with community and school officials and regional business leaders to launch the second edition of the International Business Week planned for next spring  and summer in 2017.

After the success of the first Italian edition of BW, which was conducted in Foligno in June, the goal is to extend this important entrepreneurial and leadership experience (conducted entirely in English) throughout Umbria, reaching five cities in the region.

The project is valuable not only to students but also to adult advisers from companies. BW can also be inserted into the curricula of alternation School - Jobs. Today the concept of alternation is a very hot topic in schools that often encounter difficulties in finding the right location and the right project for their students. By participating in the program students accrue 40 hours of alternating, in fact, the program takes place from Monday to Friday for eight hours a day, as in a real company.

The world of business and the schools join together on the field to help our young people grow by engaging them in work projects and learn real-life business/entrepreneurial concepts. At the same time the program allows the students to learn in a fun and exciting way!

“Together we need to achieve a common goal,” says UmbraGroup CEO, Antonio Baldaccini, “to develop leadership among young people. Our objective is to expand Business Week nationwide: we firmly believe in this project and we are confident that it can be a first step in stimulating people to think differently and imagine a better future.”

“Business Week is a constructive model for young people, a means to know the corporate world, its challenges and its values. This experience is designed to go beyond learning at school. Here young people have the opportunity to get involved acquiring an understanding of leadership, marketing, business management and team building. As a company I want to share what we learned from our first BW experience and focus on our future leaders and help them be FIRST.”