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45 Years of UmbraGroup: Starting the Celebrations

The doors at Umbra opened in the afternoon, officially starting the celebration of UmbraGroup’s 45th anniversary.

Everything was ready for the first football matches and the opening ceremony at 7:00 pm.

Beatrice Baldaccini, Director of HR & Communications, gave a warm welcome to the guests and the teams, declaring: “One of the most important ingredients of the birthday cake is the trust between us and all of you. Team spirit is just as important: it is people who make, and who always will make the difference”. To mark the occasioned to confirm the friendship and the deep relationship that UmbraGroup has with its strategic partners, Ms. Baldaccini launched UMBRA’S 45TH BIRTHDAY SOCCER TOURNAMENT saying: In order to really be a team, to be united and to aim for a common goal, we wanted this Tournament, where we all play an important role: the players on the field and we spectators in the stands, to support them in making this time unique. Please give a round of applause for this inauguration, and best wishes for these two days of games and celebrations”.