The history of the cutting-edge recirculating ball screw manufacturer

UMBRAGROUP S.p.A. is the parent company of UMBRAGROUP
. Based in Foligno, Italy, the Company has achieved great success in its 45 years history.

Today, UMBRAGROUP is composed of five companies that began with two strategic transformations:

  • The first transformation occurred in 1972, when Airmacchi, a local company in crisis was saved through the intervention of the German company FAG and the Italian company Gepi.
  • The second transformation happened in 1993 when Mr. Valter Baldaccini, together with Mr. Reno Ortolani, purchased 100% of the company shares in a management buyout.

This was the beginning of the road to success for Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A. Major investments followed; UMBRA acquired the German company Kuhn and the American company UMBRA Cuscinetti Inc.; export turnover increased by about 90% and in 2011 Umbra acquired PKE (PRÄZISIONKUGELN ELTMANN).

Today, UMBRAGOUP S.p.A. is the world leader in the production of high-precision ball screws in the aeronautics sector. 700 employees, together with a significant number of small suppliers, manufacture and design Umbra products in a 270,000 sq. ft. production facility and a 50,000 sq. ft. office building.

A newly established Research Center in Albanella, Italy in the southern province of Salerno, guarantees continued advances in technology and development. It demonstrates the strong commitment and work carried out by UMBRAGROUP S.p.A.'s Technical and Research and Development teams.

UMBRAGROUP's product portfolio includes recirculating ball screws, bearings and electromechanical actuators.

UMBRAGROUP S.p.A. and Special Processes: a winning pair on the market. Guaranteed quality and Reliability distinguish Umbra's customer service. All processes are certified in accordance with AMS, MIL and NADCAP specifications.

UMBRAGROUP S.p.A. offers Aftermarket service for recirculating ball screws for aeronautics applications: 24-hour AOG (Aircraft on Ground) service and support teams in Europe, Asia and America. There are also warehouses in different parts of the world and major certificates that have been obtained: EASA (Europe), FAA (USA), CAAC (China) and TCCA (Canada).

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