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"The UMBRAGROUP philosophy establishes plans and policies for the Environment and the Health and Safety of its workers. This is a game that we want to play on several fronts in order to guide our employees towards a healthy lifestyle, based mainly on three factors: proper nutrition, the habit of exercise and a quality rest. Environmental protection is incredibly important: UMBRAGROUP, in addition to ensuring the protection of the surrounding area, stands behind its employees so they can carry out their activities in healthy working environments. For UMBRAGROUP Environment, Health and Safety are not a norm. They are a creed.

Mr. Reno Ortolani
CEO Health, Safety & Environment


Respect is one of UMBRAGROUP’s main values which is directly connected to the environment. Since 2012 it has implemented an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001 for its production sites in Italy at via Valter Baldaccini and via Ezio Bartolomei.

  • The production plant in Foligno at via Valter Baldaccini, is subject to Integrated Environmental Authorization (AIA) granted by the Umbria Region in 2006;
  • The production plant in Foligno at via Ezio Bartolomei, is subject to the Single Environmental Authorization granted by the Municipality of Foligno from 2016;
  • The Albanella production plant at via Londri, is subject to the Single Environmental Authorization granted by the municipality of Albanella starting in 2016.

UMBRAGROUP constantly monitors and reviews its activities and processes to identify the most significant environmental impacts and define improvement objectives that have positive repercussions not only within the organization but for all stakeholders. The analysis of the effects is limited to what takes place within the companies, but it affects the entire supply chain, also by means of field audits.

Over the years, investments have focused on the following aspects:

  • control and reduction of water consumption with reuse of wastewater for internal use;
  • reduction of waste generated per unit of production;
  • reduction of energy consumption through improvement of the control and measurement systems and thermal insulation of the building envelope;
  • adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles for the company fleet.

UMBRAGROUP is also the promoter of initiatives that affect the community, addressed at the local and national levels:

Another objective in terms of environmental protection is the renewable energy market and the reduction of environmental impacts produced by the aeronautics industry, with projects in collaboration with other bodies.


Respect is a value that applies to individuals. In fact, since 2012 UMBRAGROUP has implemented a worker health and safety management system complying with BS OHSAS 18001 for all its production sites.

For UMBRAGROUP the well-being of its employees is not merely a norm, it is a belief, because the worker is our main corporate resource.

The protection of health goes far beyond the provisions of the relevant legislation, as the company has put in place activities related to the promotion of correct lifestyles, not only at work but also during leisure time and at home, such as:

  • MAP project (Movement, Nutrition, Posture);
  • improvement of ergonomics in the workplace;
  • Welfare policies aimed at prevention.


"Safety first of all!" This is how the UMBRAGROUP video reads.

The company is extremely attentive to the safety of its employees. In fact, since 2012 it has implemented a worker health and safety management system complying with BS OHSAS 18001 for all its production sites. The constant attention to worker safety is not just about employees, but all the organizations that collaborate in various ways and they must show that they are up to the requirements in this area.

The Foligno site at via Valter Baldaccini also falls within the scope of Legislative Decree 105/2015 (Seveso) for the use of certain hazardous substances.

Since 2017 UMBRAGROUP has participated actively in the world day of security, "Italy loves safety" that is celebrated on April 28th:

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