UMBRAGROUP’s Quality Management System

Based on UMBRAGROUP’s Mission, Vision, and Values, management encourages each employee to continually commit to their work in order to achieve:

  • a high level of satisfying customer needs and expectations to ensure that the terms of agreements specified in the contracts are satisfied based on regulations, specific procedures and product requirements;
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the management and operational processes, both towards the customers and internally, to achieve the right profit for the Group;
  • full conformity of the products to the applicable specifications and regulations regarding quality and safety, maintaining a good price-quality ratio;
  • ongoing professional growth and taking full responsibility of the human resources;
  • effective objective-based management of the Group activities. 

A tool for pursuing these strategies is a Quality Management System, developed and certified according to the standards ISO 9001, AS/EN 9100, EASA and other International Aviation Authorities rules as applicable (FAA, CCAC, TCCA).

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