Job families1

Job families

The areas of employment within the company

In this section you will know all the areas of Umbra employment for which you can send your applications using the form or sending an email to the HR company’s unit.

Marketing and sales

The Group operates in the B2B market. The Marketing section works primarily on defining new market niches for Umbra products. It plans advertising campaigns and initiatives to strengthen the Group's presence on the various markets. It works with R&D to create technological innovations. The section with Sales work on defining the pool of customers in order to acquire larger market shares in line with strategic business targets.

Customer service

Available to provide product technical support and with responsibility for day to day dealings with customers with the aim of monitoring customer satisfaction and anticipating any requests.


Handles dealings with suppliers to ensure an efficient procurement process. Buys raw materials, components and services required for finished product production.

Administration & finance

Manages all the Group’s economic and financial activities. Plans financial flows and assures treasury management in accordance with the company financial policy. Analyses and controls all company areas and supports and guides management decisions with timely reporting.

Continuous improvement

Manages, in collaboration with Sponsors, projects to improve company processes, using the Six Sigma lean methodology in order to achieve the strategic objectives identified by Top Management.

Quality management

Ensures that company processes guarantee conformance of project components and systems with the requirements identified with the customer. Defines, implements and updates the internal control system for company activities in order to achieve business objectives, ensuring compliance with laws and internal regulations.

Research & development

Responsible for product development taking care of product design, creation and testing and working with the customer to define the best solution.  Dedicated to the study of new technologies in order to ensure product innovation to meet the needs of an evolving market.

Manufacturing engineering

Responsible for product industrialization, looking after cycles, drawings and specific production documentation. Prepares, together with R&D, suitable technical responses in order to offer a product that meets quality, time and cost requirements.


Ensures the production process flow for various products, maximizing plant and machinery efficiency, and meeting customer requirements in terms of on time delivery and quality standards.

Human resources

Works with Top Management to ensure staff development based on the corporate vision and strategic objectives. Deals with the selection, management and development of human resources, with responsibility for developing skills. Responsible for personnel administration and relations with trade union representatives.

Communication and public relations

Defines the Group’s communication strategy, looking after the relationship with the media and with national and international institutions, managing public relations, organising corporate events and socially responsible occasions.

Health, safety and environment

Ensures the correct implementation of actions to safeguard the health and safety of persons inside the company. Looks after organisational and process aspects aimed at respecting the internal and external environment.

Information technology

Ensures the implementation of IT solutions that support and improve pertinent activities in the various functions with the aim of optimising company processes.


Responsible for all organisational and management activities governing flows of materials and information along the entire chain from procurement sources to end customers.

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