Talent management

The company’s leadership model

The UmbraGroup’s leadership model is based on clear and solid values rooted in an area where Christianity has left clear marks, showing that “good ideas” withstand the passing of time. The pillars on which this model is built reflect our need to have personnel driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, focused on meeting our customers’ needs, staying true to promises and promoting growth in the community in which they work.

Business strategy to imagine future scenarios

Our leadership model is founded on our business strategy that is able to imagine future scenarios, change obstacles into opportunities, promote and achieve personal empowerment because "only if men and women feel that the Company for which they work is their own - says Valter Baldaccini, Founding Father of UmbraGroup – will they give the best of themselves and feel fulfilled. Only if we succeed in placing the individual at the centre of the working activity, will we give people a real opportunity to find their dignity in the job they carry out and take control of their own destiny. I am convinced that we could help lay the foundations to create a more just world through propriety in business relations".

An international bent

Exporting more than 90% of what we produce, one of our personnel’s core skills is an international bent, in other words the ability to relate to and communicate with people of different cultures. One of the main tools that we use to develop this skill is overseas engagements in our foreign Companies or at our customers for talented individuals who see an exchange as an opportunity for professional and personal development.

Job Rotation

UmbraGroup plans career paths for personnel with potential, encouraging internal development, so as to keep the level of efficiency high and capable of managing market-driven change. With a training offer suited to each job family, UmbraGroup accompanies you on your individual path from the very first day you join the company, and also focuses on the acquisition of cross-disciplinary skills to allow a challenging job rotation.

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