The selection process

How Umbra choose its personnel

"Observe him carefully, listen to his every syllable, ask him to tell his story, without invading, without wounding (…) Finally, see whether he is a bringer of spring or winter. But never forget to choose first the Man, then the Professional".

Herbert Simon, Nobel Prize for Economics, 1978

UmbraGroup takes special care in the selection process of those applicants wanting to join the Group. The inspiring principle is to bring out during the various stages the person’s personality, values and technical skills, whilst respecting human dignity. 

How does the selection process develop?

The Umbra’s selection process is developed in some phases that are synthesize in the list below:

  • sending of application;
  • screening of CVs;
  • discussion and assessment with HR;
  • identification of a short list of candidates;
  • technical discussion with the Manager to whom the person will report and new HR discussion;
  • selection of person suitable for the role;
  • appointment and induction of the person and feedback on outcome to all candidates.


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