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Being the cutting-edge

UMBRAGROUP’s mission is demonstrated through the diligent results, methods and values the Group practices every day, and of its constant pursuit of excellence. Indeed, one of our core beliefs is the demand for continuous improvement, which can be achieved by striving for perfection, passion, and the drive to push our limits.

Our goal is not simply to be good at what we do or to offer excellent solutions in our business sectors; we strive to be unsurpassed in both the quality and the reliability of our products and services. This way we can become our customer’s partner in a common shared project, based on their actual needs and on a relationship of mutual confidence and trust.


Our goal is

To be the Customer's Intelligent Supplier of actuators, ball screws, bearings and components in high-tech markets, dedicated to innovation and the pursuit of specific, revolutionary solutions.

We don’t want to be on the cutting-edge; we simply want to BE the cutting-edge!


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