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Students from the Faculty of Engineering of Perugia visit Umbra Cuscinetti

The Faculty of Engineering of Perugia attended a company visit at Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A on December 2nd. Below are two testimonials of this important meeting which serves as a bridge between the University and the world of work:

Andrea Radicioni, A second-year student of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Perugia.

There are a lot of diverse reasons that led each of us to take the Mechanical Engineering course, and yet, we all share the same common passion: the passion to see the issues resolved, to transform ideas into projects, and then turn projects into reality. We got a whiff of the same passion here at Umbra Cuscinetti, mixed with the smell of oil and metal, while visiting the company on December 2nd.

Alessandro Petrozzi, Ph.D., CIRIAF, Department of Engineering - University of Perugia

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