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During the summer break, Umbra does not stop...


During the bi-annual factory closures in the summer and winter, Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A. continues to work.

In fact, it is during these periods that the Maintenance Department, with a team of 40 to 95 people, performs scheduled and preventative maintenance on the facility, the machinery and the property.

This is maintenance work that would otherwise not be possible to accomplish during normal production, since you are working 7 days a week, and affects facilities that would cause the partial or total stoppage of work.

Here are some examples of the activities:

  • Maintenance of the three transformer substations for electric Energy;
  • Maintenance of the three auxiliary electric generators;
  • Maintenance of the waterworks of the facility;
  • Maintenance of the centralized systems of lubricating coolant for the Screwshaft, Nuts and Bearings Grinding Department;
  • Maintenance of the vacuum system for Plating and control in environmental depression;
  • Maintenance of the equipment and furnace for Heat Treatment, Screws and Bearings;
  • Maintenance of the centralized air conditioning, heating and air intakes;
  • Cleaning and arrangement of all areas of the plant and machinery and production departments.