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Another UMBRA challenge

A thrust of class for our company: the opportunity to sponsor a National Italian fencing champion from Foligno, the first ever to participate in an Olympics. Technique and tactics, strategy and instinct: these are the attributes that the athlete has in common with Umbra Cuscinetti, a company that has always stood for the importance attached to the individual and his dignity. We will support with pride our Italian champion in his athletic adventures for one year. "We want him to achieve his ambitious goals with determination and respect for his opponents," announces Antonio Baldaccini, CEO & President of UmbraGroup

Foligno 25/07/2016 -  Technique and tactics, strategy and instinct: these are the ingredients of successful action. These are the basic ingredients of fencing. This is the common denominator between UmbraGroup and Andrea Santarelli.

A member of the Italian National fencing team, the first from Foligno ever to participate in the Olympic Games: a champion and an excellent local who Umbra Cuscinetti has decided to support in his sporting adventure for one year uniting the UmbraGroup brand with Andrea Santarelli

With this premise, combined with the desire to support a great local champion, Umbra Cuscinetti, Umbria’s flagship manufacturer and world leader in supplying aeronautical ballscrews, has closed the sponsorship deal on the eve of his departure for Rio with the agent ,DNA Sport Consulting,  Beyond being an avant-garde aerospace, industrial and energy business, Umbra Cuscinetti has always distinguished itself through the importance it gives to the person and to their dignity: the core values contained in the acronym FIRST (Focus on the Customer, Innovation, Respect, Social Responsibility, Teamwork), as well as social responsibility at the national and interrelation level, of which this is a clear example.

Antonio Baldaccini, CEO & President of UmbraGroup says of the sponsorship: “We have taken this opportunity because we firmly believe in our talents and in the value of sport as an important source of education and discipline. Andrea is representing Italy and Foligno in the world, we wish him luck in achieving his ambitious goals with determination and respect for his opponents.” Andrea Santarelli, on the eve of departure for the Games, is thrilled to be joined by such an important partner: “I am very happy to start this collaboration with Umbra Cuscinetti.  To be supported, in this cricial stage of my career, by a company so prestigious, is a source of great pride for me, and an incentive to do the best I can on the piste. Beyond the local aspect, I feel particularly close to the company for its values and philosophy which sets it apart. For this reason, I hope that this is the beginning of a long journey together.”

For the 2016/2017 season, UmbraGroup will be at the forefront in supporting Antonio Santarelli in all national and international competitions.