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The sixth edition of the “Svitati per l'Ambiente” Project

The sixth edition of the “Svitati per l'Ambiente. Let’s talk about sustainability” Educational Project was held today in Milan.  It has been promoted in the schools by Boeing and UmbraGroup in partnership with Ellesse Edu and the new partnership begun this year with Retake and the Communities of Milan and Rome.

The initiative aims to encourage a greater, concrete awareness on the issues of environmental protection and the responsible consumption of natural resources.  New this year is the partnership initiated with the association of volunteers from Retake, the Communities of Milan and Rome and Town Hall 6 which brought life to the “Shared Gardens” initiative.

In Milan, the primary schools Nazario Sauro from the Giambellino neighbourhood and Gastenelli from the Ponte di Nona Nuova neighbourhood in Rome, will follow an educational course for five months during which they will take care of all phases of the maintenance of green spaces near their school building. Both the inauguration and promotion of the gardens will be managed by the students.

“Over 175,000 students are involved: it is a very significant number which shows the incredible success of “Svitati per l'Ambiente,” said Antonio De Palmas, President of Boeing Italy.

Beatrice Baldaccini, Director of Human Resources and Communication for UmbraGroup added, s, “Svitati per l'Ambiente is an important project for raising awareness, not only for the children, but also for their families. I am proud that more and more, commendable initiatives for the recovery of public zones are becoming a reality and that  our children are healing them with Retake’s valuable contribution. Promoting healthy, respectful and sustainable behaviour is one of ethical goals of a company”.