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The Business Week in Italy

In the city of Foligno, for the first time in Italy, over 70 of the most accomplished students were selected from among the three local high schools, the Classic High School, the Scientific High School and the Commercial High School, taking business classes thanks to the Business Week Project. Based on the American Model, for one week the students faced the challenges of the real world with lectures entirely in English. The day mirrors  that of a real company: goals, meetings, new product launch, and meetings with investors. The students were divided into seven groups - seven companies, and each team member of the team is given a corporate title and elects a CEO. With the guidance of corporate representatives, students can acquire skills that will enrich their scholastic studies.

This important project was organised and financed by Umbra Cuscinetti. International Business Week in Foligno and Umbra Cuscinetti would like to thank Casa di Risparmio dell’Umbria, Winner, Grato Viaggi e Vacanze srl, Tractis Design Events Brands, Nur Internet Marketing, Copia Incolla Publicità, Gruppo Beddini Foligno, and Auckland Viaggi srl for believing in the validity of this project.