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Grand Opening Umbra Cuscinetti Inc.

Everett (WA, USA), September  12th. Umbra Cuscinetti Inc. opened its new factory in the presence of clients, such as Boeing, represented by Kent Fisher, Vice President of Supplier Management, and Jeffrey  J. Luckey, Vice President 787 Supplier Management, collaborators and authorities, among which the Italian Consul General in San Francisco Mauro Battocchi and Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington State.

These are the words of Valter Baldaccini, CEO Umbra Cuscinetti, at the ceremony: “Today Umbra Cuscinetti Inc. counts on strong leaders and a self-motivated and determined to grow team of managers. I wish to thank all the collaborators who proved their loyalty to the company, thanks to their dedicated work, diligence and sense of responsibility, motivating all of us, as  investors, to continue our commitment here in Everett, where Umbra proposes to keep innovating, hiring and expanding.