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Corporate social responsibility & shared value

Corporate Social Responsibility & Shared Value:

Business impact on social sphere and the Umbra case.

The ‘ELIS’ meeting, which took place at Umbra Cuscinetti on 5th November, focused on the idea of “Corporate Social Responsibility”, analyzed in connection with the Umbra case.

In fact, the company’s economic and legal responsibility and its philanthropic commitment towards the local community, during its 40 years of business, which involve a plurality of actors (stockholders, clients, collaborators, suppliers and the local and international communities), matches with a new concept of ‘business’, as effectively explained by prof. Pogutz (SDA Bocconi).

A successful enterprise, indeed, expresses its ‘shared value’ not only by maximizing its profit, but also by realizing a sustainable environmental and social development, protecting and guaranteeing the needs of both present and future generations and respecting every stakeholder who influences and is influenced by the enterprise itself.

Umbra Cuscinetti can be easily framed into this context, thanks to the leadership of its CEO, eng. Valter Baldaccini, whose management, which is deeply grounded on values, can be considered as an example , for many Italian and international managers.