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During his first visit as the new CEO of UmbraGroup to the Research Center in Albanella in the Province of Salerno, Mr. Antonio Baldaccini spoke: “The Research Center, several years ago, was just a dream in the mind of our founding  father Valter. In a few days it will be two years.” These are the words of Mr. Baldaccini as he addressed the engineers of the UmbraGroup Research Center who, for 24 months, have created and developed the most advanced part of UmbraGroup related to high performance electric motors. The Research Center was inaugurated on June 30, 2012 as an exciting challenge: to support the electromechanical actuator line of UmbraGroup by entering the world of mechatronics, while also creating jobs in southern Italy through the production of what the center itself was developing. The Center employs a number of local engineering graduates who are assisted and supported by qualified personnel from the headquarters in Foligno. The Center should become a strategic point for customers and a hub for research and innovation.