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A Scholarship in memory of Engineer Valter Baldaccini

The anthology of negativity seems to dominate us and offers a less-than-flattering perspective to our daily reflections.  Sometimes it is a manipulated exercise in sensationalism, other times it is indisputable fact.  In fact, positive news is overshadowed and when it surfaces, it lightens up the spirit and conquers our memory. Last November 19th is remembered as one of those days when Umbra journalism  was able to tell the people the beautiful story of a collaboration that brought prestige to our company. Umbra Cuscinetti renewed its financial support to a scientific research project that Professor Crinò, Director of the SC of Medical Oncology at the Hospital of Perugia, is carrying out in collaboration with the prestigious George Mason University in Manassas, Virginia.  The project focuses on the analysis and characterization of lung cancer.  With the 35 thousand Euro that Umbra Cuscinetti allocated last year through AUCC, Umbra Association to Fight Against Cancer, it has already reached significant goals. The commitment for 2015 will be finalized in the coming days and will guarantee the extension of a scholarship in memory of our founder, Mr. Valter Baldaccini, who was always involved in socially responsible activities. It will allow Doctor Baldelli to continue her precious research at George Mason University to benefit worldwide oncology and to comfort those who need hope.